Major Issues to be addressed at the 2013 event:

    • - Increasing efficiency and competitiveness in African ports
    • - Improving inner-port as well as intermodal transport
    • - Addressing investment opportunities to improve infrastructure and port & rail development
    • - Tailoring your operations to the changing needs of the ports and railway industry
    • - Introducing international and national policy and regulation for the ports and railway industry
    • - Maintaining and dredging existing waterways
    • - Improving bulk handling services as well as container handling services
    • - Development of smaller ports and their funding
    • - Building new facilities to keep up with increasing trade
    • - Insights into procurement policies: requirements, compliance issues
    • - Improving efficiency in handing over cargo from ports to other transport into the hinterland
    • - Dealing with legacy railway systems
    • - Developing railways using existing and new infrastructure
    • - Unlocking the hinterland with new rail initiatives
    • - Dealing with safety issues
    • - Tackling emergency security issues

“I am so proud to be part of this congress where different leaders came together to share ideas and solutions for a better Africa.?em>
-Port de Cabinda


“This event is enriching because it’s showing how different regions of Africa are facing the same challenges, constraints and opportunities. Ports development remains extremely linked with the availability of efficient transportation ways and good management of cross borders/corridors trade traffic.?/em>
-Port of Djibouti


“Thank you for the event, I was happy to be a part of it. The sharing of the knowledge was good. The number of delegates was right for me as it was some enough to participate and network successfully. Let’s hope that the private sector will push forward to introduce chances.?em>


“Well done!”?br /> -International Maritime Security

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